About the lessons

I meet with students for private voice lessons on a weekly basis in my studio in Brooklyn, or in some cases- the student’s home.  These are private lessons, and therefore tailored to each student’s level and goals.

In the beginning of our first lesson I will ask you to sing a part of a song you know well.  This is not an audition, no need to worry!  I just want to hear your voice a little to know where we should start.

In the first half of the lesson we will do breathing and vocal exercises.  Our goal is to develop awareness and control of the different parts of our body, and learn how to use it as if it was an instrument.  In the second half of the lesson we will work on a song-first we will learn the music and lyrics and then we will try to implement the technique we worked on during the first half of the lesson.  This is, of course, a process.  During the first lesson students usually start to develop some awareness and control.  In order to consistently perform at your best every time you sing you will have to be focused, spend some time practicing at home and allow some time for the new information and habits to “sink in”.

Please contact me to schedule a lesson.

What to bring

Bring yourself and if possible make sure to be well rested and ready to focus and work.  Avoid heavy meals just before the lesson but make sure you eat so that you have enough energy.

Bring a recorder if you can. When we listen back to our lessons it’s easier to notice what we’re doing right and what we need to work on.  Recording your lessons will also make practicing much simpler.

How to practice

Try a find a time and place when you have a quiet environment, and you are able to concentrate.  Work with the recording of the lesson- first go through the exercises, and try to implement the comments we talked about during the lesson.  Work slowly.  Instead of trying to go through many keys as fast as you can, or singing as low or high as you can, try to concentrate on performing the exercises correctly.

When practicing a song, first make sure you know the music and lyrics well.  If you know them by heart, that’s even better!  Print or write down the lyrics, with enough space between the lines for comments.  Go through the recording of the lesson and write down the comments on the lyrics.  Then try to implement them; first syllable by syllable, then a sentence at a time, then the entire song… Once in a while sing the entire song from beginning to end, to practice stamina.

What it feels like

Learning how to sing is a little bit like fixing a machine: first we take a look at the whole and see what could work better.  Then we look closer and work on the smaller parts.  Then we take a step back again, and see if it works any better.  Most likely it will!  But even more importantly, now we know the parts of the machine, and have the ability to control it ourselves.

Please contact me to schedule a lesson.

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